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Proposal on St. Augustine Beach, Florida

You’ve always loved the beach. The sound of waves crashing, the feel of sand between your toes, the salty air – it all just feels like home to you. So when it came time to plan the perfect proposal for your partner, you knew St. Augustine Beach in Florida was the ideal spot. You wanted a place that was meaningful for both of you, and this beach holds a special place in both your hearts. Get ready for a magical moment as the sun sets over the water and you get down on one knee in the sand. This is sure to be a proposal you’ll both remember forever.

Planning a Surprise Proposal in St. Augustine Beach

Nothing says romance like a sunset stroll along St. Augustine Beach. Why not take the opportunity to pop the question in this picturesque setting?

St. Augustine Beach stretches over 40 miles, so don’t worry about the crowds. A cove flanked by dunes is ideal. You want this moment to be intimate and memorable without strangers gawking.

Have the ring ready

Keep the ring box concealed in your pocket as you walk along the beach. When the time feels right, drop to one knee, pull out the ring and propose as the sun sinks into the sea. For extra flair, you could hide the ring in a shell for your sweetheart to discover.

Make reservations for a celebratory dinner

To make the evening complete, book a table at one of St. Augustine’s romantic restaurants in advance. That way you have the perfect venue to toast your engagement over a candlelit dinner with champagne and amazing food.

A surprise beachfront proposal in St. Augustine is the epitome of romance. With some planning, you can orchestrate an unforgettable evening and the ideal way to begin your new chapter together. Now, all you need is for them to say “yes”! Make this a proposal to remember amid the sand, sea and sunset.

Pro tip: By telling proposing closer to dinner and telling her you have reservations, you save yourself the trouble of telling her she needs to be “photo ready” for her surprise proposal.

Capturing the Perfect Engagement Photos in St. Augustine

Sunrise or Sunset

The ideal times for magical photos on St. Augustine Beach are sunrise or sunset. The golden light illuminates the shoreline and pier, creating a romantic glow perfect for engagement photos. Wake up early to catch the sunrise or stay late for an unforgettable sunset shoot.

Use Local Talent

For a surprise proposal, contact me at Phavy Photography. I have a time that specialize in engagement photos and can help plan the perfect surprise proposal on St. Augustine Beach. We know all the best spots for photos and can capture your surprise reaction and joy. We, as local photographers, are also familiar with the tides and can get the best angles at the ideal times of day.

With the right photographer and by choosing a gorgeous sunrise or sunset, you’ll get beautiful, memorable engagement photos on St. Augustine Beach. These photos will transport you back to that special place and moment in time when you committed your lives to one another.

When to Book A St. Augustine Proposal Photographer for Your Surprise Engagement

Book Early

When planning a surprise proposal, one of the most important steps is booking your photographer well in advance. Booking at least 1-2 months ahead of time ensures that your perfect date will be available. It also gives you plenty of time to provide the details of your vision to the photographer so they can scout the location and determine the best spots for photos. With the extra time, you’ll feel less rushed and more able to enjoy this special moment.

Share Your Vision

Once you’ve booked with Phavy Photography, be open in communicating exactly what you want for your perfect proposal. Let us the know things like your partner’s favorite spots, the time of day you want to propose, your vision for how the actual proposal will unfold. The more details you can provide, the better equipped they’ll be to capture all the emotions and events of your surprise engagement. Don’t be afraid to share intimate details about your relationship and partner to help the photographer understand what will make this meaningful for the two of you.


And that’s how it went down on the sands of St. Augustine Beach. As the sun set over the Atlantic that evening, you got down on one knee and asked the big question. We’ll let your imagination fill in the details of how your partner responded. But as you begin this next chapter together, may your lives be filled with joy, laughter and love – just like that perfect moment you’ll both remember forever. Here’s to happily ever after!


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