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I want you to be able to relive this day over and over again. Imagine looking back at your photos decades from now, and still feeling those exact moments from your wedding day!

You only get one wedding day...

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"wedding photos we will cherish forever"

"We love Phavy! She did such an amazing job on our wedding day! When I went through the pictures I was stunned to see all the  unforgettable moments she caught!"

Phavy Photography Wedding Photographers St. Augustine

We are simply St. Augustine wedding photographers, we use our cameras as tools to construct art that permanently captures memories. After all, St. Augustine wedding photos are tangible symbols of one of the most spectacular days in a person's life, they'll be remembered by future generations.

When you're searching for a wedding photographer St. Augustine, look for one who is competent and experienced. That's where Phavy, the owner of Phavy Photography Photo Co wedding studio photoshoot St. Augustine, comes in.

Phavy Photography (a boutique St. Augustine wedding photography business) will take hundreds of pictures throughout your magnificent event and will do whatever it takes to provide photos that you'll treasure for a lifetime.

Not only will your St. Augustine wedding photographer, Phavy, be with you throughout the day from getting ready in the morning to the last dance of the evening, but he'll also assist you during every step of your wedding so it's critical to find someone who not only takes stunning images but also someone you can trust.

Phavy Photography | Photographer St. Augustine

You're looking for the one. You've discovered the unique individual among the billions of people on this earth. You're throwing caution to the wind. That's a remarkable tale. It's your story, and you have a right to tell it well.

Phavy is a wedding photographer from St. Augustine, FL who has been photographing couples in love for over a decade. It is an absolute delight for couples to trust her with one of the most significant days in their lives. Phavy searches for real and natural moments and is committed to recording them with perfection so that clients may keep them always.

Contact Phavy Photography for the best affordable wedding photographers St. Augustine, Florida. Phavy Photography offers wedding photography and videography that you'll treasure for a lifetime.

Choosing a St. Augustine Wedding Photographer?

When it comes to planning a wedding, one of the most important decisions you'll make is who will capture your big day on film. Phavy Photography, wedding photographers in St. Augustine, has an extremely vital responsibility: we're in charge of preserving all of your wedding day's memories that you'll treasure forever.

How can you find the best wedding photographers St. Augustine, Florida? Here are some recommendations:

Find a Style That You Like.

There are three major tendencies in wedding photography right now. Light and airy, dark and gloomy, and authentic to live are the most popular categories. Each photographer has their own distinct style within each of these trends. It's crucial that you find a photographer whose work you enjoy, and trust them to do what they do best.

The first step is to start your own research and make a list of photographers that appeal to you and match your wedding style. You may do some preliminary research on the internet, speak with friends, or contact us immediately to discuss who would be the best fit for one of the most significant days in your life.

It's also a good idea to meet in person or online with your prospective St. Augustine wedding photographer to verify that your personalities complement one another.

Ask About our Pricing & Packages

Wedding photographers are a significant portion of your wedding budget, so be sure to inquire about what is included in their pricing and packages.

Do they have a package that includes both photography and videography, as well as an engagement session? Make sure to inquire about any taxes or travel expenses.

Read Reviews

Finally, check out our previous customers' reviews to get a better idea of what to anticipate from us as your wedding photographer and video maker.

There are a variety of wedding photographers St. Augustine, each with its own specialty. Your decision should be based on where you're getting married, your budget, and the particular demands you have.

my wedding
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Timeless Photos, True-to-Color Portraits.

with a good mix of candid and traditionally posed

There's nothing quite like the feeling of being transported back to that moment when you said "I do." – the nervous excitement before you walked down the aisle, the pure joy in your eyes as you exchanged vows, and the epic dance moves that went down at the reception.

Relive your day... just how it was.

I capture it all.. 

From Proposal to Engagement, to Family Portraits,

In addition to wedding photography, I also offer proposal and engagement photography services. These special moments leading up to the wedding day are just as important and worthy of being captured in timeless photographs.

And when you do start a family, I will be there for your family photos too!

Proposal Photography

Engagement Photography

Family Photography

From St. Augustine, to Jacksonville, to Savannah I've been honored to photograph many proposals. Wherever you decide to propose, I would love to be there to capture it all.

Let me take off some stress and help you plan the proposal! 

I love my couples to have fun during their engagement session. Consider your photo session a "fun date night."

If dressing up in the city is your style, we are a match!  Let me know your vision, or send me your Pinterest board so I could help plan the the outfits and location for the perfect engagement photo. 

The kids are not getting any younger. It is time to update your family photos!

You should not have to dread family portraits! I aim to get everyone comfortable and having fun. 

meet phavy

Weddimg Photographer in St. Augustine, Florida

I've always been someone to carry a camera around. From capturing my own family to capturing the lives of others. This is a pure passion of mine.

Not only a wedding photographer in St. Augustine and Jacksonville, but my team and I also travel everywhere! My portfolio includes weddings from coast-to-coast! I love being able to travel and do this thing I do.

It's not just about taking a good photo, I find comfort knowing I can make someone's heart full from the pictures that I capture.

The Team


my husband bj


st. augustine, jacksonville, savannah, St. Simons island -- no matter where you are, we will be there for you!

"I'm going through each and every pictures just sobbing 😭. My heart is so full. I can't thank you enough!!!"

"Candid moments. I love it so much!"

Ready to talk about your wedding??? ..

As an experienced wedding photographer, I have captured countless beautiful moments and created lasting memories for couples. With years of experience in the industry, I have honed my skills and developed a keen eye for detail. I know how to anticipate and capture those candid, fleeting moments that truly represent the emotions and essence of a wedding day.

an experienced wedding photographer

Experience and Expertise

Diverse Portfolio

One of the things that sets me apart as a wedding photographer is my diverse portfolio. I have worked with couples from various cultural backgrounds and have experience capturing both traditional and non-traditional weddings. This allows me to adapt to different styles, settings, and themes, ensuring that each couple's unique story is told through my lens.







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