Surprise Proposal Photos in Jacksonville Florida

Proposal Photos: The Perfect Engagement in Jacksonville, FL

Sunset Engagement Photos

Proposal photography is my specialty

As a proposal photographer in Jacksonville, I photograph several surprise proposals each month. Each is definitely unique in their own way.

This is my specialty and I always feel so honored to do so because this is such an important moment in their lives. And a perk of hiring me as your photographer is that I guarantee a 24 hour delivery because I know you are excited to announce your engagement.

Capturing the Surprise Proposal

For this proposal, I was waiting for the couple at this location as my husband and I pretended we were photographing the beautiful landscape. When they arrive, she suspected nothing. Funny thing was, she thought we were really landscape photographers and thought they were intruding by being there. Little did she know he was about to get on one need once they got to the end of the dock.

A little late, but it worked out

I always tell my clients, you can’t rush her, obviously she would think something is up! Late or not, it always works out in the end.

He was a little worried because they were running late. He thought the sun would set by the time they get there. But in turn it worked out even better. By the time they got to the location, the sun was where I preferred it to be to capture the perfect sunset photos.

A Vision Fulfilled = Another Happy Client

After I delivered these proposal photos, I received a text from my client saying these photos were perfect and just how he imaged it to be. I love getting these texts because I aim to fulfill my clients’ vision.

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